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Maddy *Madison* Marie Schultz
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
~Johnny The Homicidal Maniac quotes~

"The violent crimes? All perfectly natural in a society whose advances are limited to it's technology. The basic behavior of the modern human is hardly different from that of it's primitive ancestors. The only noticeable changes are trends. Whether in a suit or in a loincloth, people are ignorant little thorns, cutting into one another. They seem incapable of advancing beyond the violent tendencies which, at one time, were necessary for survival."

"As for protecting the people, well that's a bit of a paradox- at least from what I know. I'm sure that if you searched into the lives of some of these victims you would find out that they, themselves, were the cause of their very deaths. In those cases, the so-called "victim", at some earlier time, played some part in the creation of their "killer". I believe that the life ended was ended for the fact that it was wasted on something that would never evolve beyond the childish cruelty so many never cast off."

"Why are people so unpleasant?"

"Honestly, it's so difficult to truly care about so many things without; first, knowing the answers to some of the most fundemental, mind ravaging questions! How can one possibly respect the existence of something, people in this case, when that something seems to defy respect? They do such trivial things, and find amusement, even up to "so-called" maturity, in the incessant mistreatment of their own kind."

"Hmm..yes, but keep in mind; it's possible that I'm quite horrendously insane. That's the fuck of it; you know, the thing about the crazy person who never knows they're crazy. It could be an imperceptible shifting of accepted realities. It's all really interesting."

"Think of the sensation as reassurance that you are not dead yet. What you are feeling is life in you! I would hate to lessen that for you. I will take you from one extreme to the other. I would never deprive you of this; your final awareness."

"But you are a person, and I can't say that I'm fond of that. My days are less then enjoyable because of people. You will be the effigy I burn, infused with all the traits that make them detestable little goblins they are. You won't really burn, though; ripped to strips is more accurate."

"Trust me, I know what self-loathing is, but to kill myself? That would put a damper on my search for answers. Not at all productive. Besides, I've become increasingly doubtful as to whether or not I can die at all. But let's not get into that."

"I thought of that, but I wasn't in the mood, to go look for one. I just wanted to get back home. I probably could have done better because you seem like a nice person. I'm sorry."

"Damn! That one really put up a struggle!! Scrapped me up like he was a cat on crack!! Nothing quite brings out the zest for life in a person like the thought of their impending death."

"Well, hello there, shmee! Nice to meet you!! I am Nny! So, you're squee's little friend, huh? Weeeell, you certainly are a cute little bear-bear! Yes you are!! Yeeeesss you are!!"

"Hmm? What's that Shmee? mm, Hmm. Yess. Hmm? Yeah Really? Uh, huh. Okaay...What? Hmm. Well, fuck you Mr.Bear!!! You speak lies!!! Liiiies!!!"

"You don't know the truth!!"

"Without fail!! Everytime I leave my house, it's as if I've given up my every right to be left alone, or treated with respect!! You flies with your unyielding little minds!!! You think my difference from you is an excuse to comment "on me", as if I were on display for you!!! Like I'm the way I am because I want the incessant gawking of strangers!!! Not only that, but you used the word "wacky"!!"

You must really know me if you can laugh at me!! Funny thing is; I've never met you before! Maybe you can let me in on what you thought was so funny!! Do you remember?! Huh?! Huh?! Or maybe "pretty people"; like you; and your high little friends don't remember people like me. The ones you make fun of for lack of anything better to do! My pain amuses you doesn't it?"

"How is it your so beautiful on the outside yet fucki'n ugly on the inside?!"

"You know it wouldn't take much to make your outside look like your inside!!(heh) I could just chop your brain out! It doesn't deserve such a pretty body!!"

"You think that if you stopped doing something that defined you as a person, that maybe, you cease to be that person?"

"AAhhh, yeah. This is strange. What do I say? You are beautiful, I mean...God, I'm so completely happy, right now. You've made me happy."

"No! You don't understand; I'm happy!! I can't let you go. We've begun something lovely, and as with all things that start; it inevitably ends! The beginning is always so fine!! But decay soon follows. A degeneration into the tired old situation. The rot sets in. This way, there is only the beauty of the start!"

"Here's the deal, my friend. I'm alone. Any happiness in my life is only a brief prelude to the tiresome decents into levels of hell even a convenience store clerk could never imagine!! I don't want to die like I lived. I want a companion in this. So put on a happy face. Let's make this pleasant."

"What is there to smile about?" "So much- it's all in the perception, friend- and I am your friend. Not like that depressing piece of styrofoam you've been listening to so much." "You're going to tell me to enjoy the way things are going? To enjoy the loss of friends; of comfort? I'm sorry, but I fail to see the fun in being lonely all the time. And, you know, you're a piece of styrofoam, too." "Yes, but I am your friend. You've lost focus on yourself, lost too much strength to things you felt affection for. Paid too much attention to people you know would disappoint. You know what they are!! Don't expect anything but nasty irritation from anyone you didn't create."

"And, so, irritants, it is with this that I leave you. You are spared so that you can think of what it really is to live in a world that engenders a pain for which there is no comfort. Here is your product! You have the rest of your lives to think of this. And I suggest you think quickly, for a long life is never a guarantee."

"And, it's your parents who should be teaching you these things, but...well, I just don't want you to think that this piece of shit is anything but other then a pathetic human defect. Nothing more."

"Well, I just don't want you to think that this piece of shit is anything other than a pathetic, human defect. Nothing more. Not a monster, not a bogeyman. Nothing but another reason to feel better about yourself. Understand that it's just a person - not worth devoting any nightmares to."

"You flaw. At least I'm under the delusion of doing something productive."

"See!! Bones and tissue, tubes and fat!! All sustained by blood. Nothing more then a poorly tended machine. And look!! It has a brain!! Fueled by the blood that races heavily in times of grotesquely heightened desires and vices!! You can see the matter and feel the substance, but eyes and hands are useless for sensing the rot and filth of ideas that drip from these things!! Two species under one name- human- separated only by the workings of their minds. This one is human only in appearance!! A clever disguise for a simple animal. The real humans are harder to find. Sometimes, it's easy to feel like your suffocating in a world where the rotten ones are all you'll know, but don't ever lose your clarity!! Never forget these things exist in all forms, in all places, in all colors! Recognize this and know that you are better!! There is nothing wrong with feeling above these sacks which are so obviously fucked up!! Revel in the superiority of your perception!!"

"Hmm of course. These are my opinions - likely to be just as flawed as everyone else's. Um, really, I guess you should assume everyone's speaking out of some external influence. Believe in whatever makes sense to you."

"That's just it. The logic is fucked up here. There is something inherently wrong in this."

"Like hell it isn't, Nail-Bunny! You don't know what it's like! You couldn't even imagine...the things I've done."

"What truth?" "That the world is degrading and it influence, and you give it strength. You are sick to smile at the loss of your own better judgement!! Stop this decline."

"It's so entirely obvious- I'm being manipulated by some nameless demon. Strurge from beyond our plane of existence, it spoke to me in my own voice. Letting me believe I was hearing my own conscience. I was losing sight of my own reasons, so I was weak, It just took over, and I let it happen. Shit, that's not good! I relinquished control of my insanity."

"You've been with me from the start haven't you? Even before the nail hit the bunny, your voice was in my head. Because it's my voice. Because you are me- the other end of my internal conversations. We all assign a voice to the aspects of ourselves, and I remember you always being there from the start. So you've seen what I've seen. Felt it all. The people laughing...and living their petty lives."

"You know what goes on in this world. They don't understand. They don't see that long after their laughter subsides, in search of the next cheap thrill, their victims are still hearing the taunts in their heads. A cacophony of degrading noise, poisoning perception. These fucks acknowledge their own worthlessness by pursuing the mundane- inviting their own pain to confront them in the form of a furious victim. But I'm losing it, aren't I? I don't know which ones deserve my..."attention". And I lose things. Things leave me. I can't remember what it is to hold onto something. Friends leave. Everything leaves."

"No!! Like I said, it makes no sense! I can't explain anything because I can't find it in me!! I think back, looking for what brought me here. But I only get images as if through a haze. I've done some pretty ghastly shit, and yet the clear motivation eludes me. These acts, they're more like answers to a question I don't even remember asking. I try to think back, but it only goes soft, and nothing feels right or solid. I remember images. But like bad photographs printed on wet toilet paper- blurry and distorted. Bits and fragments. I remember being little- other kids laughing at how skinny I was; calling me "noodle boy". Typical shit. That's all."

"Look around you; can you remember being the person who made all of these paintings? You once threw everything of yourself into these things, feeding them with creatures in your head. Paint and ink where now there are barrels of blood. Am I only part of you that remembers a time when your imagination was used to create things other then horridly paranoid delusions? And, though the current situation could be just another of those delusions, we'll say it's not. Whatever the case, it is evident your creativity is the victim of something. I mean, look at you! You devote more time to fuming over the stupidity of mankind then you do to what you once felt so much for!! Your imagination has been subverted! And look at what's left! The extent of your work is that anemic piece of shit , happy noodle boy!! A goddamned stick figure!!!"

"Do you remember? Do you know how much of this is me and how much is what that thing did to me? What if it went away, the thing. What if it was like when a smoker quits - Do you think I'd get fat?"

"You torture them!!! Drill it into them! Make them forget what comfort is! Death frees them from the education I offer. Let them understand first, then they can die."

"Dear lord!!! you've been trying to warn me haven't you?!! See, I told you it made no sense!!! All of this senseless killing!! What good is there in this when it is all too apparent that you don't kill your "guests"..."

"We think we can live away from what we hate, but are defined by those very things. It feeds upon us...sustained by our belief that we're doing something right. We think we are so great in our protests...but we just become the bitter off spring of what we oppose, we become prisoners in our own cages."

"We spend forever building up our defenses, only to have that be what allows us to be controlled!!"

"I would have nothing to do with the submission to physical longing. All seek to enslave you and I've already got this ravenous beast of plaster to contend with. Flesh does not motivate me. No, mine is a penetration beyond the veil of the flesh."

"How lovely it would be to escape from these emotions- I seem incapable of ridding myself of their itch. To become an insect- governed by necessity, not out of malice or other such distractions. See, I don't want to touch anything. I don't want to feel anyone because I don't care about anyone like that, and to touch it is disgusting for all of it's emptiness. It would revolt me to hurt anybody like that."

"The world would be so much nicer if people only used guns on themselves."

"Over the stars."

"There's nothing wrong with a genuine smile. I'am enjoying myself, and I'm sick of hearing you tell me why I should be unhappy, and that I should kill myself."

"Manipulated!! HAH!! events have shown me only one thing - I'am untouchable! existing with in the realm. existing AS the realm!! Need further proof?! Watch this!!"

"Ahh!! you see!! Something made me forget! Just more proof! I was perfectly willing to fry my head. But, something perverted that!"

"So what if it was true? But, only for a few people! If only for me! You've seen it!! I don't die!!"

"Kill myself? Oh, please!! It's not going to happen! Time and time again, I've tried, and it never happens!! I can't die!!! It won't happen. I'm beginning to think that something won't allow it to happen."

"Hello. Mr.Samsa. Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you again, tonight. You're at more use to me alive as a study too. Aside from the vermin thing. You are quite the admirable character."

"I detest sleep. I've got better things to do. Besides, I find it frightening - to awaken and be unsure of everything you remember about life not being just part of a dream. Waking means I've slept, and sleep dissolves what certainty I have left."

"I'm no racist...I hate everybody."

"I know I believe in nothing, but it is my nothing."

"I can't help but feel the effect of it all...The distance, and....and it hur...sniff...why can't I just turn it off? If this is how it's gonna be...then let me just turn it off."

"Don't upset me, I'm running out of places to hide the bodies..."

"Shit! I can't even die peacefully!! I'm still as confused as always!! I'm so sick of feeling this!! Sick!! I hate this!!"

" can cry until there is nothing wet in you. You can scream and curse to where your throat rebels and ruptures. You can pray all you want, to whatever god you think will listen. And, still, it makes no difference. It goes on. With no sign as to when it might release you. And, you know that, if it ever did would not be because it cared."

"Just another room in the world. That wall over there well, that's something else. Your friend should suffice for a fresh coat."

"Yes, Yes, Yes, I'm the one that's been killing all those people, but I'm also the creative force behind happy-noodle-boy, so forgive me and shut up."

"What? you kill me??...idiot, look at my head. Better yet, look through it. Heh...I am funny...(cough) wouldn't happen to have a cork on you would you...?"

"Killing someone who's bleeding to death. Fff...fuck, you stupid you are. Resorting to the same old, monkey brutality, afraid to look up from your bloody dicks. Afraid of transcendence. Hey...your head looks like a potato. And how stupid was I? I, actually paid attention to you! Devoted precious thought to it. God...I used to love the noises I heard in my head. Hhh...I never should've left my room, out there, I almost remember it. It's gone now...along with everything else...vanishing. Heh...potato."

"No more stars... no... clouds... nothing... hsssss... It's such an easy thing to say you hate something... so easy to hate... what a piece of shit I am... I ca...can't believe I went the easy way... I thought I knew... I wish I knew something... anything. Ehhh... Actually... your head looks more like a reject jellybean."

"Such an easy thing to say you hate something...So easy to hate...what a piece of shit I am...I can't believe I went the easy way..I thought I knew...I wish I knew something....anything."

"You know, that fat little lawn gnome of a God wouldn't answer some easy questions!!! I'm criminally insane - I don't know what HIS reason is for being SO FUCKED UP!!"

"Shit! This is awful. At least alive there were nice people mixed in with the social maggots."

"It's okay! I'm alright! I think my spine exploded, but I'm fine."

"Do you have any idea what's going on down there!? Hideous things! People are suffering, and people like...well...Me, heh, are running around!! Suicide, Genocide!! People are killing moose!! You buy a video game system, and a better one comes out next month!!! Powdered eggs?!!! Self-esteem is so low girls are buyi'n wonder bras!!! Do you see?! Do you?!?"

"You people!! Shit!! You're all idiots!! I admit to being weak and catering to some minor transgression or two, but this place is sick. But I won't let myself give the issue respect by addressing it any furth...

"You stink!! Focusing on the mundane! Money! Fashion! Cream Cheese! You're in hell and you're too stupid to know it!! I wish you..."

"I'm trying to hear my sincerity."

"Excuse me. Mister Jimmy-person. You might want to leave now. As I find your company to be most repellent. Serves me right for being so damned social. I suppose. Now, please leave."

"Oh...Ohhh...if you would...please....Excuse me. You know the feeling you get? The one where you just know you're going to projectile vomit out of every orifice? I feel that right now, I want you away. Leave me to my vomit."

"Just because we've similar interests does not guarantee you're going to like me! My foot in your ass is a good example of that. My delusionary hell does not agree with yours!!"

"Imagine a sculptor being confronted by a stranger, who, as it turns out, confesses to revere our sculptor. Imagine the flattery known to anybody who is told they've inspired some noble aspiration in somebody. The student then presents our sculptor with a work fashioned after the sculptor's own style - a likeness of the student himself. It is a monstrosity! A fucking mess. Even worse, is that our artist sees that this piece of shit before him is a more reasonable facsimile of his own work than he'd like to think. You fucking idiot!! Admire me?!! You shit!!! I'm the villain in this fucking story!"


"I won't be here to help you out like I used to, so I want you to be very, very careful. It's a frightening world to be alone in."

"I'll be on my way now. I still have a few things to take care of before I leave. Hey, I'm going out the window this time, okay? The underground tunnel's got a bit thick with corpses."

"I'm trying to hear my sincerity."

Current Residence: Illinois
Favourite genre of music: everything except docuhey justin bieber, jonas brothers or anything disney
Favourite photographer: my cousin Evan James and my friends Becca Soper and Justin Forrest
Favourite style of art: Realistic or EVERYTHING
Operating System: desk and a quiet room
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano
Shell of choice: turtle shell
Wallpaper of choice: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
Skin of choice: Pale
Favourite cartoon character: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Kankuro, and Wakko Warner.
Personal Quote: keep going and keep fighting, it'll only get better
  • Mood: Noble
  • Listening to: South Park on TV
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: South Park
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: gum
  • Drinking: water
Hello Everyone that is still in contact with me on my page somewhat, lol. I just favorited a piece my Mother posted on here, I would just like to ask all of you for a favor and favorite that piece for me. It's a very nice abstract piece on the front of my page and if you don't like it you don't have to favorite it, but at least give it a look if you like to :3 I just want my Mom to know that she has good art and she does, but you know how it is as a beginner on here if you're small time and not really popular. You don't really get noticed enough until you post more work that most of everyone that's on here likes and is easily noticed by some sort of eye. I would really appreciate you looking at my Mother's work and favoriting it if you like it :) Thank you so much!

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